Monday, October 25, 2010



Woke up super late. Felt like i had just been drugged. Got out of bed to shop for a dress for the super formal shin dig. Couldn't find a dress that I wanted. Went home.

The beautiful Tashy turned 18! went over to hers for a bit (she lives behind me). saw everyone. exchanged hugs for bout an hour. Saw people I hadn't seen in months. Caught up on goss. Then everyone headed off to the beach except the birthday girl. Stayed with her and chatted about love, guys, how we're pretty much robots. I decided I liked the dress she was wearing and I wanted to try it on :P

Tried it on. Decided it showed waaay too much cleavage for my lil shin dig :( the print, cut, detail is sooo pretty! *sigh*

can't really see it, but the skirt replicates petals off a flower.

Decided that for the Arabic/Syrian Dancing Night (I don't actually know what the actual event is called :P) I would just stick with my white floaty dress that is one size too big for me. (yess I tend to do that). My hair just wouldn't work with me so I just put it up in a bun and stuck a flower on.

Went over to Wafia's around 5.30pm. and from there on my memory is slightly blurred. So even though I didn't take a lot of pictures because I felt very much out of place because of my ... asianess? :P I did have fun though. I shall let them do the talking. a lot of dancing was involved. (boyyy can they daaance). a not so pretty belly dancer with abs. a old granny maybee drunk, dancing on a table. checking out the hawt bartenders. loud loud traditional music. the rest is a blur.

Hib and I had matching rings!
and white dresses (the dress is really W's passed down to the sisters)

her glamorous straightened hair.

Nick and a quarter of me.

Yesim and Maryanna

Manuella. ella ella..

This took about 4 hours. :S I am going to upload the rest of the photos tomorrow.

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