Saturday, October 2, 2010

9pm dinners are the best.

Just had the best dinner ever. yess at 9.30pm.

Sorry for recent emo posts :S I'm not usually that emotional :S

Today has been quite a lovely day, despite the rain. Shaun came over to visit me. He just came back from a mission trip from Thailand and wanted to tell me all about it. He gave me a pretty necklace too :)
Hardly get to see him ever, since he goes to uni in NSW :( His flight leaves at 6am tomorrow. Anyways, we had a good talk. He's grown up so much.. seriously. I use to be the grown up, now he's the one giving me talks. Telling me not to move out of home. Telling me to study, not party, not drink. and he used to be the biggest rebel!

Have the best memories with him though. Formal, he taught me to change a tire. shopping at DFO and being suss in the change rooms. countless of chick flicks which we would then argue about.  gaaah.. getting sentimental..

Anyways.. old photos from Big Camp. credit to Dennis who took most of the pictures.

Such a band pic. haha.

One of my favorite photos. Good work Dennis!

There was mud EVERYWHERE. and i wore pretty shoes :( we needed a tow truck to get the car out!

horrible photo of me. lovely photo of mr. threlfo.


do not like trains :S buses ftw. 

mr james picking.

I lost my umbrella :(

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  1. Pfftt, lovely photo of you. I'm the one who looks like an inebriated British bass player ;) I miss Big Camp. And I really like the sunset picture 3rd up from the bottom :)