Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Be yourself, because everyone else is already taken - Oscar Wilde

So be prepared for a lot of bestfriend camwhoring shots in this post :P It is, after all what girlfriends do best, no? 
this was a couple of weekends ago at the beautiful Wellington point. It is absolutely gorgeous there, the water is clear and sparkly. There's lil kids playing around, trying to fish.. It was quite a nice, relaxing day :)

the photos aren't perfect. they weren't suppose to be. I love how the light shows up in these photos.. how the few end shots look like they were taken on film. absolutely love it.

new boots from NOVO!
see what i mean by holga/film like?
reminisce of our valentine date a while back :)
look at my face! 
eb and I have this thing we do, when we get bored we wander and explore and take photos.  & the thing i looove about  her is that she shares that ability to look at something other people would just ignore and go.. "oooo that's cool, that looks old..I wonder what's the story with that" kinda thing. so the next few photos are from Fanus' house. I've always been fascinated by his big, old (very old) Queenslander house. Instant photographers instict? it'd be great for a photoshoot, with the vintage, genuine interior design/wallpaper etc. 
eb and I saw this tub and straight away was so fascinated by how it looked!