Wednesday, September 29, 2010

sun sun sun

Just watched the awkwardest Glee episode ever! and Dad loves Glee, so I'm just eating dinner and cringing, with him next to me. haha.
love Glee though!.

I am sooo sunburnt! first time in months my legs have seen the sun. (skirts and stocking ftw)
Went to Movie World with my lovely Wafia. Wafia is amazing. She pretty much is my world. I have no idea what's gonna happen when I don't have uni with her :( Pretty much had "awww moments" in every single line, while we were waiting for our rides. But she deserves a blog post all to herself :)

I think I got too much sun.
Hope you're enjoying your holidays.

Monday, September 27, 2010


10.18pm Brisbane Time. Blogger tends to muck up the time :S no idea why.
I have cried bucket loads today due to parents. I hate crying. I feel like I'm wasting tears. I don't even cry over guys.. (actually thats not true, but it's not this bad)
I don't drink, don't club, don't go out and I'm told I'm a failure etc etc.
Seriously I have the most amazing friends. I remember a teacher telling me that Uni isn't really the place to make friends. That's all crap... The ones that have my back, I've known for 6 months.
I've known Divya for a month? and she listened patiently to my rants.
Jordan is amazing. He's pretty much my best friend.
Britt - gosh i love Britt. possibly the most outrageous, insanely hot person I have ever met. and she still keeps me grounded.
Dennis and Anita - my asian non siblings siblings, who know everything that i'm going through.
and I miss Wafia :(
this blog is so messy and random. just like my head is :S anywayss.. pretty pictures cheer me up :)

I don't drink soft drink, but I drink Ginger Beer. LOL at neals legs.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mirror Mirror Model Agency Launch

This whole week has been suuuch a busy week for me. I'm in need of serious serious sleep.
Wednesday - I had uni from 8am - 4 (which means my day started at 6.30). I then rushed home to get ready for the launch.

I had a fabulous time at the Mirror Mirror Model Agency Launch. Tin Nguyen truly is an inspiration. JUST turned 19 and he has an agency? AND he's asian! <<< (i'm constantly complaining about how my asian parents just don't get the creative industry). oh and i wore heels from 5.30 till bout 12am!! yayy for me not dying, since I'm a flats and thongs girl. I thought I would be overdressed, but everyone was in gorgeous gowns The guys had indie, hippy wear. To top it all off, it was a full moon. :)

For some reason I can't edit my photos on any of my programs except on Windows :S whenever I open them up they shut down on me. so i've done very basic edits. ( i also look very red in the pictures, not sure why since I gave my champagne to Britt, and my Vs (the drink) to Jord)

photos not in order

totes didn't realise Jord was that tall :S
Just a lil dip in my confidence. all skin, tan, and no cellulite at all!

so gorgeous!

got to catch up with rachel. she gave me a lot of useful tips on getting started with my photography and such :)

they're both so flipping good looking. photoshoot guys? :D (awwww @ jord's dimples :P)

I tend to hunch :S not a good habit.

she was my favourite model. lovely features.

soo skinny! I turned to Jordan and Britt to tell them I wish I was that size, and they simultaneously went "shes waaay too skinny"

The last few pieces were floor length gowns. absolutely breathtaking 

music - my only escape

First day of holidays. gaaaaah, i'm so in need of it. except it kicks off with draaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaaaa.
I missed the Season premier of Glee because I was at the Mirror Mirror Agency Launch (photos shall be up later), so I'm watching that now. The whole of yesterday was interesting, I slept at 3 am. drunken texts, heartbreak, confusion - the epitome of a teenager.

*sigh* Puck, oh how I have missed you. Finn who?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Valley Babeyy.

yesterday was kiinndaa horrible. A LOT happened. and my head is still spinning from all the information that was thrown at me. but a lot is going to happen tonight aswell :)

getting ready to go to the MMA Launch with Jordan, Britt, Jay, and Rach :)
I am not naked, it looks like it but I have a pretty pretty dress on.

 I find it weird how I can rely on people I least expect. and the people I expect most from always seem to disappoint me.

guess thats life heyy..

pretty sure I'm going to be waaay overdressed. i love being a girl :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kids these days..

so being an only child really isn't always that bad..but only because I have non biological siblings that mean the world to me and pretty much are flesh and blood to me.
I try to be act older and responsible to the younger ones, but really it ends up the other way around.
Just the other night I was complaining to a younger (mind you, he's taller than me and had his first drink before I did)  "brother" that he was growing up waaay too fast for my liking. But then I realised, he's gotta grow up sooner or later..and right now instead of being my lil bro.. he's just a brother who I can talk to, rant, and bitch about things.

all those with siblings who wish they were an only child? don't. Having a sister or brother is a privilege. Try getting along with them, because they just might be the very best friend you have.

I'm frustrated with everything. I feel trapped with no way out..One day, I'll find happiness.. so far it's been a bloody long mission.