Saturday, October 23, 2010

High Sky.

I wish I was more daring to wear stuff like this out.

wafia's friendship bracelets. how pretty are the colours? unedited too!

wafia's photography. she did an amazing job since the lens was manual.

leave less trees
'*gasp* is she wearing high pants?!' yess, indeedy, i am!
Today was "Silly Pants Day" at uni. (<<< and this is why I love uni) so I was thinking 'yesss! perfect excuse to wear my vintage high pants, passed down to me from mummy. How awesome are they? the waist is reaaally small. my corset is size M, hence the bad fitting.

Corset from Cotton On Body. Vintage high pants. Heels from Rubi.
mucking around in empty lecture rooms with W.

I almost got stung by a wasp :(
the sky was so pretty.
Last day of lectures today. I'm a lil misty eyed. This year has gone so quickly.

P.S. Forgot to tell readers the outcome of the job interview. I got the job! yayy :)

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