Sunday, October 31, 2010


Music I am addicted to atm.
After reading this I think a lot of people will be disappointed in me :P

In no particular order.

Need You - Travie McCoy (I have been listening to this song for moooonths, actually. this is my number 1 favourite song. the lyrics, music, everything about it)
Please Don't Go - Mike Posner.
Something in the Water - Brook Fraser (If you haven't heard of Brooke Fraser you NEED to check her out. She has been my inspiration and one of my favourite female artist for years)
First Dance - Never Say Never (without fail, this song is sure to put a smile on my face)
I'm not who I was - Brandon Heath (heard this on the radio when Jayden was dropping me home and he used his Iphone gadget thingy to find out what it was)
A Punk - Vampire Weekend (Jord introduced me to Vampire Weekend a while ago, it's kinda indy sounding. but i love this song!)
She Is Love - Parachute. (cliche love song. but gaaaaaah sooo good)
Keep It Together - Tyler Ward and THE CO. (just heard it yesterday but I'm hooked)

so I should probably go back to studying. I wish all who are reading the best for your exams, assignments and such.

love and best wishes.

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