Thursday, October 21, 2010


(images above are from Google)
How fun are mustaches! Stick on. The ones on the stick. Felt ones. They're oh-so-very cool.
I didn't go to uni today, so I decided to be crafty!

I saw a simple black and white shirt a few months ago. Totally cute, BUT i did not have $40 to spend on a T-shirt. I decided today that I would make my own.

always have love the combination of grey with pink.
old fashion thread.

not exactly done yet. but i shall put up the finish project.
I used a blanket stitch. but you can use whatever type of stitch. I chose not to use a sewing machine because I wanted the messy look.
my slouchy simple grey tee just became a whole lot cooler.

Fathers Day at Hillsong Brisbane Campus.

I used this template, enlarged it. traced onto baking paper. then pin it on leftover pink felt.
I also decided to make a bracelet. with beads from a childhood necklace.



  1. i reckon that t-shirt looks really nice jewel! :)

  2. awww thanks lovely :) kept me occupied. I really should be studying for exams though :P hope things are well with you :)

  3. haha no probs :)
    hahahaah true, but at least this is a good way to take your mind off things :)
    things are well :D
    im hoping same with you :)

  4. are you going to finish it??? haha :P i love it jewel!!