Thursday, October 14, 2010

Speak Now.

I have my laptop back! wooot! I've been using dad's 'slow as a snail' laptop (which is actually exactly the same as mine, but for some reason it runs really slow :S) A few days ago I brought my laptop to uni, Jordan offered to carry it in his backpack, then we kinda just forgot when we both went home. :P woops. But I have it now :)

I have been busy busy busy. Last weekend was insane. I went out on Friday night, with Britt, Jord, Kieran, and Adam. I haven't been out for a while, so it was nice to just chill and talk. Happy Hour at Fat Louise ftw!

I looked trash, totes wasn't! I like this picture though :)

Jord however... :P 

It had been raining the WHOLE day that day. It was just POURING! and because I had a full day at uni (while the guys skipped), I kinda ended up looking like a drown rat.
our expressions says it all :P Brittany was on the other side of the couches having this intelligent conversation about Bio Technology while Jord, Kieran and I were acting like complete deros. Pretty sure I like them more when they're drunk :P

I left pretty early on Friday night, as I don't particularly like hanging out late late in the Valley and such. Anyway, as I was leaving there were these group of guys who had piercings and was smoking. They were blocking the pathway. I politely said excuse me, but they didn't let me through and asked for a Hi-5, which I gave them. They then asked me for hugs, for some reason I gave them all hugs. Hugging total strangers?! at night?! In the city?! Totally not me! I have no idea why I did it. Lapse of judgement. I told Jordan about it, and he went off me and told me I should have walked away. Wafia lectured me as well :S What do you think about hugging strangers?

Saturday was a busy busy day. Wafia's whole family came over for dinner. This was a massive event for Wafia and I. Because we are so close it is essential that our families get along, since we have crazy as strict parents. This means more freedom, they trusts us together more, and also put's our parent's mind at ease.

Mum stressed heaps and made a feast! She spent the whole day making waaay too much food. Wafia made this amazing Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie desert. yuurrrmm. All in all, it went well :)

Next day I went over to Wafia's to have a Anatomy study session which kinda turned out into a Photobooth session. 120 or so, pictures :P here are my favourites.

baby baby baby ooooohhh
Bieber heart! Whenever Wafia and I have "aww" moments (which is very very often) we do the Bieber heart :) no matter where we are. and people generally stare :P but that's just how cool we are.

I think I came out of the bathroom, and didn't know why everyone was ducking. caught on when the 2nd flash went off :P LOL at Hibba.

Hib Hib is soo adorable! and she made me a lovely bracelet.

Love this girl to bits. We are so close it kinda freaks mum out :P I don't think I've ever had a chick best friend  who I've been so close to before. We text when we're not sitting together. 


  1. OHHH lala ;) the guy in you're "speak now" post; bf?

  2. I love how i have my own little tag now :). I love us :D