Sunday, July 31, 2011

twinkle little star?

My expression when I saw these? "oh. my. goodness" My fashion style is all over the place, i don't have a particular style I stick too.. I do however edge away from daring/out there trends, and stick to my own conservative style :P
However, these Jefferey Campbells are too dieeee for!
I might try and make some? :P with flats maybe? think I can pull it off? (I can't quite justify paying $200 for something that isn't Calvin Klein or something of that status)


I spent my gorgeous Winter Saturday with people I love most.
It was the best day I had in a while, with a good morning at Youth Rally and the afternoon chilling at Broadwater Park having hot chips and good music. I got to catch up with people (specially miss nikky hughes!) I hadn't seen in months and months.. and it was just a good day in general :)

oo everyone should also check out Endless Praise who performed live. They are.. breath taking. and I am a harsh critic. They sound unreal accapella.. which says a lot in this day of age.

so cute!
best friend.
iPad, guitar, 3 talented people..
big brother who never fails to make me smile! 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Love lost.

Sometimes in your darkness, you just need someone to empathise. To hold your hand. To provide a shoulder to lean listen to you.

Last night, my night was filled with nostalgic memories of a gorgeous boy who had his precious life taken too soon. It was comforting to learn about his lil secrets, his habits, to talk ALOUD about special moments and memories.

I cope with difficult situations in a sort of different way.. I shut out. I try and forget it. and I definitely won't talk about it. Real friends, people who really care, will take the time and effort to gently push you to talk, because they know it's the only way to let go of feelings.Last night brought so much closure to me, and meant so much to me. I am never ever going to express openly to those few people how much the night actually meant to me.

Which brings me to another point. So often we judge too quickly... we tend to form outrageous opinions of a person in our head and somehow mix that up with reality. When really, we need to realise the fragility of life. Don't form judgements, there's always a reason behind close doors why a person might be that way. Always take time to listen and talk to people, there is no such thing as being to busy to listen. I don't mean fickle stuff about makeup and boys (even though that is important), but we all need a good venting once in a while. (mind you, I'm not saying I'm perfect and I haven't been guilty of instantly forming opinions about a person)

Out of everything, I think that's what he taught me the most. Never once did he judge a person or say nasty things. That's just how life is suppose to be..It's sad that it takes such a life altering event, a gorgeous soul lost, for people to realise how short life is. But better late than never..

ANYWAYS! to brighten things up.. happy photos from my trip?

Kings Palace

I wanted to buy the whole rack! Florence, Italy.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Je t' aime.

I'm hooomeeee :) I arrived back in Brisbane, after 3 separate flights from Heathrow, London. I got home this morning/noon and crashed on my amazing bed. and now it's 2.30am and I'm wide awake. anyways, more photos coming soon!

hydrangeas (my favorite type of flower ever), ballet flats, cobblestone pavements.
Lucern, Switzerland.
How cute are these! to make fairy bread - sprinkles in a lil box!
London markets.
Windsor Castle,
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