Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I really should be asleep. I finished work at 9pm.. I should be tired. Instead I feel hyper?

I went to the mary grace's debut last night :) It was quite a reunion. It was a great night with great food and company. ohh and that cake was ahmazing! Happy Birthday MG.

photos courtesy of Deborah's fb.

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LOL at the male bathroom sign.

aren't they gorgeous!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Only Child Syndrome.

Today I spent the entire day alone because I was upset.
Something happened at home, so I got dressed haphazardly and caught a bus to garbo.

I literally spent over 4 hours alone because I wasn't happy. and I saw a toooonneee of people I knew, I just chose to not see them.

Shaun just called me saying they were going to Mount G instead of saying yes, I coldly said no and I am now wallowing.

This is a symptom of Only Child Syndrome.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Long Shots

A series I'm going to start. These were some test shots I did a while ago (not really shots, but me just mucking about)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Polaroid lovee.

crazy hair. dunno whats going on there..
my polaroid that I saw on a Photojojo website for $250 ish.

Get ready, set..


haha. hello my lovelies. I am currently very very bored. I'm supposed to be studying.. but I'm tired. and done with my books.

Whats up with the world? post me a comment about anything?

Got paid today :) Quite happy with myself. I did quite a few hours last week, and opened the shop, by myself. So I'm quite proud of the amount of cash I earned. (we'll just not mentioned that I set off the alarm for 5 minutes and alerted the Westfield security guards :P)

I craving a photoshoot. If all goes well , on Monday, I will be snapping some photos!

I saw this ahhmazing vintage chair, for only $50!!! but I had to rush off.. I'm planning to go back and check it out again. It looks like this but with a different fabric and a little more worn out.

pretty heyy. and it'll match my room!
I want a Leica camera. Sell the Polaroid and buy this instead? I saw my Polaroid on the Photojojo website for $280 :O

I think I've put on weight :/ I have a bunch of dresses that I bought about 3 months ago. Not worn, that I kinda can't quite fit in. Problemo? I think so. I don't exactly know what to do. Sell maybe? Ideas?
I have a vintage dress which is black, velvet and has a low back. H&M lookalike actually.
gah. scalloped edges of this dress is to die for! asos.com

I want this dress!

I'm such a retard. haha. I love cocktail rings and just fun, cute ones!
I wore the big one for formal. It's actually really intricate. click for larger view.
My camera ring (cheapie from Diva) all the guys went gah gah for. and my vintage one.

Jade green nails! They're so fun to wear! (from Rubi Shoes, about $30 cheaper than the Chanel one :P)
I love birds. It's a lot like my necklace in this post.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I would catch a grenade for you.

gaah. this is driving me insane. took me round 3 hours to resize all my photos. because they wouldn't upload.
now that I've uploaded them. They look crap because I did them too small.

These photos are about a week old. from Daddy's birthday dinner. Happy belated birthday daddyy..

Cute lil thai place in woop woop. portion was good. Pad Thai was overcooked though. The Madras was waay too sweet. But wasn't too bad. Staff was absolutely lovely!

How cute is this picture!

I climbed this bridge!

If you're wondering why my photos have a red tinge. The whole restaurant was painted red. with red lights..Cbb fixing the while balance.

My unique skirt, that has the texture of a table cloth.

Tiny spring rolls.

trippy hey :P
erm. salad mum made. don't know where this came from.

white panel floor boards.

my favourite necklace at the moment.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


  • I wore jeans for the first time last night in yooonks.
  • As much as I disagree with the idea of Casinos, they are actually really pretty. Guess that's how they draw people in.
  • I've decided I want kids. 3 boys, 1 girl. I babysat Ethan again. We watched Nemo, and he made fishy noises AND faces during the entire movie. I think I'd be a good parent.
  • I have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that I just cannot get rid off. I'm snapping at everyone, and I'm having nightmares.
  • When someone tells me they love me or gets too close, I push them away. Sometimes not purposely.  
  • The guys were trying to tell me last night,  that to win money (The Wheel) all you have to do is just pick a number and place your bets. Instead, logical me was convince that there was a system. I watched The Wheel (for a long time) carefully, and deduce the relationship between the wheel spinner's (or whatever) arm strength and the amount of bets placed. 
  • I like holding hands.
    we heart it.
  • Yesterday was the first day of Summer. But it rained soo heavily, Upper Foodcourt in Garden City flooded.
  • Joseph Vincent is in Adelaide. and not Brisbane :( *sniff*

My head is now empty. and I didn't even have to waste paper in my diary :)

Hillsong Brisbane is having a Christmas Spectacular.. I officially invite every single person who is reading this to come! If you don't have tickets, thats okay, you'll still be let in. Or shoot me a email.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wet and Wild.

I spent my Monday with people I absolutely adore. It was a much needed hangout and a good distraction.

I found out on Saturday I failed my Chem exam. I was absolutely devastated. I was freaking out, my mind was racing. It helped that I had amazing people who were calm and reminded me it was NOT the end of the world. (it also helped that 3 other friends from QUT failed subjects, not that it was good that they failed. but it meant I wasn't alone).

On Sunday I went to church, and I felt like the sermon was aimed directly to me. I really have to learn that no matter what, God is in control of my life. He knows best, and everything leads to a bigger picture. 

I am stressed (extremely). I won't lie. and I am upset that I failed. But I need to constantly remind myself 
No regrets, Only lessons.

LtoR: Shaun, Eb, Mitz, Cameron, Byron, Rob, James.

6 months.

Source: europeanmadness - tumblr

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Ethan's lion face.
He built the train all by himself!

paint samples. help me choose a colour?

leaning towards Ellie May Rose.

How cute is the name?!

Babysitted Ethan on Friday night. and gosh! I don't think I've ever been so tired! He's 3 and an absolute cutie! Took him to the playground near my house, we watched Charlotte's Web (which is his favourite movie), painted for hours, played with lego and just had a blast.

I am now an owner of a GORGEOUS Calvin Klein little black dress. It's so Audrey Hepburn-ish. and it is such a timeless classic, I just HAD to have it.

I had lunch with mummy and daddy today after church at this new Japanese noodle place in Sunnybank Plaza. It's outside next to the bakery. There was nothing but noodles and soup!!! I don't get it. I think I'm eating too much..