Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thought this blog was dead?

Well it kinda is.. haha. But here is where you can find me!!

 TUMBLR << Link to loads of fashion inspiration, quotes and other stuff.

My Facebook page and Jewellery Store << Link

My Youtube Channel!<< Link - This is very new. And has a massive back story to it. My whole life I've been into fashion. and I've been obsessed with fashion videos on Youtube. A few weeks back I got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease - to cut it short and not depress the heck out of you readers.
I thought about how short life is.. and what does it take to push me out of my comfort zone and out of my box?
So this is it finally. I would really appreciate if you guys subscribe and popped me a comment. It would mean a lot to me.

I have made friends over blogspot. Who have read about my life, trials and troubles. And then when I stopped blogging I lost contact. Those people, please please message me on my Tumblr or Youtube?
I would love to start an actual friendship.

So that's it lovely readers! <3

Saturday, March 31, 2012

When I look at my life from at outside perspective, I can see that I've truly been blessed. By the most amazing and supportive parents, who I have a good relationship our past differences. I've travelled around the world. I study something I truly have a passion for. and I have amazing friends.

Soooo what have I been up to?

On March the 28th, it was my beautiful mummy's birthday and my 'lil brothers' birthday!
photo taken about 11 years ago? I think?
Last weekend an old school friend took me out to see Hunger Games on Vmax! I am suuuuuch a massive fan of the books! I've never gotten into any series previously. LOTR was boring to me, I read 2 HP books? Didn't get into Twilight.. but HUNGER GAMES! oh my goodness me. If you have not read the book. GOGOGOGO. I actually found the movie to be a lil slow. But READ THE SERIES GUYYZZ. I promise you, you will thank me.

The few weekends before that I had photo gigs :) After a good 6 months or so not touching my SLR. I did a favour for a friend which then led me to contacts. A good feeling to be getting back into it, getting good feedback from people. etc.

I also purchased my first piece of Black Milk leggingss!!! yayy.

I am currently not feeling too well, so I am off to bed :) I shall post some of my pictures I've been editing soon!
Love love.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


True vintage Dreamcatcher at the markets.
red shoes, in a field of flowers?
Eiffel tower, gift shop. Paris!
piccies. The Alps, Switzerland
Holland! Amsterdam
Mini macaroons.. 
Switzerland, Lucern.
Monte Carlo, with mummy.