Friday, September 17, 2010

The Beginning

hello :)
i've wanted to start a blog for a very very very long time. i just never got around to (science student :S). plus i had doubts that people would actually read it. as i sit cross legged on my bed, butterflies are fluttering in my tummy. i'm tiny bit excited and tiny bit scared. you see, this is actually a major thing for me. it's not just a blog, but a diary and insight into how my brain works.. so here goes.

i'm 18. science student. photography. fashion. travelling. food. family. God. friends.

i would do a whole 'introductory' post, but let's keep the first post nice and simple. besides, a lil bit of mystery never hurt anyone :P

                                                                        we heart it

i feel like this is the start of something great.
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p.s. i don't really like using capitals.



  1. waddup ma niggaaaa! yo hold ma poodle, I SAID HOLD. MA. POODLE!!!

  2. "i'd tap that (:"


  3. Oooooo I am loving this insight into you life ;)