Friday, November 26, 2010

Gelato nails.

I'm going to see my favourite guy in an hour! yayy. Ethan came over last night and we had lot'sa fun drawing and painting rockets and crocodiles. (After a long day of work and me spilling my moisteriser tub AND foundation. good one jewel)

I just came back from spending the day with mummy and daddy. I'm planning to have a feature wall in my bedroom. Maybe a watermelon/coral or a dusty pink would be nice? :D So we went to Bunnings for paint samples.

I also bought two black skirts. and nail polish! Never was one to get into painting my nails, I have suddenly been obsessed with Summer colours and pretty pastels. Here are a few of my favourites;

I hardly ever paint my nails and if I do, it's normally pastel pink or nude. sometimes red. But this Channel Jade green is so yummy! The colour of pistachio gelato.

Jade: The runway colour for fall 2009.

Light as Air - China Glaze
My favourite colour ever! I have a lighter version of this. How sweet is it?

Loving coral/watermelon colours.

I just wrote a post on nailpolish :/ Ethan's here :D Pictures up later? 

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