Thursday, October 7, 2010

I feel like hell :S my throat feels like it's on fire. and I can't actually swallow anything.. Fell asleep on *** shoulder on the bus. and if he hadn't have woken me, probably would have slept right passed my stop :S I never fall asleep on buses. As soon as I got home I totally crashed :S 
Mum made me this soupy thing because she said I needed to eat a proper meal.
On the upside, today was a pretty good day :)

Finished a few Physics questions with the help of Wafia. Listened to some dirty gangster song that Jamie had on his Iphone. Stole Renans skateboard. Had lunch with Kieran, Britt and Jordan (or more like watched them eat), and talked about the randomest things. and then I went to watch Despicable Me 3D with ***.

Despicable Me wasn't THAT great, but still worth while watching. Especially if you have good company :) and good company makes everything better.

The Eye. Taken during Year 12 social.

Divya and I were talking, and she seems to have this idea that I'm all 'sugar and spice'. Actually quite a few people seem to think that :S I'm really not. Anywhoo, she made me realise that I tend to think that there is good in everyone. and that is true, I really do sincerely believe that in EVERY single person, there is good. It's just hidden. But by me having that mindset, also means I let people in very easily and I trust easily. Maybe I just have to accept that there are "bad" people in the world? or I have to find that line where I can trust but still not get hurt?

That probably didn't make sense. Slightly high on Chinese throat medicine, plus groggy from my nanna nap.

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  1. all it means, is you have to find the right balance in trusting people.
    there is good and bad in everyone. some people just get the better of them. And some people let the good get the better of them.