Sunday, October 31, 2010


Music I am addicted to atm.
After reading this I think a lot of people will be disappointed in me :P

In no particular order.

Need You - Travie McCoy (I have been listening to this song for moooonths, actually. this is my number 1 favourite song. the lyrics, music, everything about it)
Please Don't Go - Mike Posner.
Something in the Water - Brook Fraser (If you haven't heard of Brooke Fraser you NEED to check her out. She has been my inspiration and one of my favourite female artist for years)
First Dance - Never Say Never (without fail, this song is sure to put a smile on my face)
I'm not who I was - Brandon Heath (heard this on the radio when Jayden was dropping me home and he used his Iphone gadget thingy to find out what it was)
A Punk - Vampire Weekend (Jord introduced me to Vampire Weekend a while ago, it's kinda indy sounding. but i love this song!)
She Is Love - Parachute. (cliche love song. but gaaaaaah sooo good)
Keep It Together - Tyler Ward and THE CO. (just heard it yesterday but I'm hooked)

so I should probably go back to studying. I wish all who are reading the best for your exams, assignments and such.

love and best wishes.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Arabian Nights.

The rest of the photos from last Saturday night. (click here for Part 1)

luurrve this photo :)


Been studying hardcore (kinda). haha.
I had a sudden urge to go to Max Brenner today. I haven't been :( Thank goodness I have friends who still have a brain (aka Andrew Kimpton) who told me I should study and he'll take me there after :) yayy.

P.S. Ever feel like you're not fitting in? Don't be discourage. It's kinda cool to stand out and be unique and not follow the crowd.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I used to be able to sit at a desk, for 4 hours with just my textbooks and study. Without technology, Facebook, my mobile phone or such.

Gone are those days.

Monday, October 25, 2010



Woke up super late. Felt like i had just been drugged. Got out of bed to shop for a dress for the super formal shin dig. Couldn't find a dress that I wanted. Went home.

The beautiful Tashy turned 18! went over to hers for a bit (she lives behind me). saw everyone. exchanged hugs for bout an hour. Saw people I hadn't seen in months. Caught up on goss. Then everyone headed off to the beach except the birthday girl. Stayed with her and chatted about love, guys, how we're pretty much robots. I decided I liked the dress she was wearing and I wanted to try it on :P

Tried it on. Decided it showed waaay too much cleavage for my lil shin dig :( the print, cut, detail is sooo pretty! *sigh*

can't really see it, but the skirt replicates petals off a flower.

Decided that for the Arabic/Syrian Dancing Night (I don't actually know what the actual event is called :P) I would just stick with my white floaty dress that is one size too big for me. (yess I tend to do that). My hair just wouldn't work with me so I just put it up in a bun and stuck a flower on.

Went over to Wafia's around 5.30pm. and from there on my memory is slightly blurred. So even though I didn't take a lot of pictures because I felt very much out of place because of my ... asianess? :P I did have fun though. I shall let them do the talking. a lot of dancing was involved. (boyyy can they daaance). a not so pretty belly dancer with abs. a old granny maybee drunk, dancing on a table. checking out the hawt bartenders. loud loud traditional music. the rest is a blur.

Hib and I had matching rings!
and white dresses (the dress is really W's passed down to the sisters)

her glamorous straightened hair.

Nick and a quarter of me.

Yesim and Maryanna

Manuella. ella ella..

This took about 4 hours. :S I am going to upload the rest of the photos tomorrow.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

High Sky.

I wish I was more daring to wear stuff like this out.

wafia's friendship bracelets. how pretty are the colours? unedited too!

wafia's photography. she did an amazing job since the lens was manual.

leave less trees
'*gasp* is she wearing high pants?!' yess, indeedy, i am!
Today was "Silly Pants Day" at uni. (<<< and this is why I love uni) so I was thinking 'yesss! perfect excuse to wear my vintage high pants, passed down to me from mummy. How awesome are they? the waist is reaaally small. my corset is size M, hence the bad fitting.

Corset from Cotton On Body. Vintage high pants. Heels from Rubi.
mucking around in empty lecture rooms with W.

I almost got stung by a wasp :(
the sky was so pretty.
Last day of lectures today. I'm a lil misty eyed. This year has gone so quickly.

P.S. Forgot to tell readers the outcome of the job interview. I got the job! yayy :)