Thursday, October 14, 2010

about me #1

I am incredibly bored and jumpy.
I have an Anatomy exam in less than a week, but I seriously cannot study anymore. *** is not on msn. don't actually know where he is :S  I think it's time I do a "About Me" post.

Fact 1 - I over think waaay too much.

You wouldn't actually deduce that from meeting me. because I seem so carefree and chilled (or so people have said), but oh my gosh, do I over think.
I can lay in bed for hours and just stress and freak out about the littlest things. Such as..
Who are my real friends? If I died in a funeral who would actually come to it.
Why am I friends with this and that person? really why?
Why is this and that person friends with me?! Is there an ulterior motive?
Why in the world am I doing science?
Where is my place in the world?
In 10 years time will I look back in my life and regret it?
Why do we have religion? Why can't we just agree on life?

silly stuff like that. My mind is constantly ticking away. Sometimes I think it would be so much easier if I had an on and off switch for my brain. Guess lil things like that make me who I am.


  1. Oh Jewel oh Jewel oh Jewel. You remind me of myself so much!

  2. why do you think we get along so well? because we are the same person! haha. love you sexy! visit sometime soon kay.