Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One down.

I will never have to do any Cell and Molecular Biology. Ever again.
I cannot possibly try and describe how awful it is. Actually the content is pretty interesting there's just a crapload of content. and my brain is fried.

Stupid exam went till 7.30 and made me miss bout 40 mins of Glee.

Super super suuuuuuuuuuper keen for hoooolidaaaayys because of these reasons

1. BAKING. I have a tonne of recipes I want to try out. I have been craving green tea panna cotta for quite some time. If  anyone knows where I buy some ready made? If not I shall be attempting to make that and lychee macaroons  :D

2. Working = Extra Money = Shopping. enuff said right?

3. Taking photos with Eloise

photo taken by Megan (see more photos from our outing here

2. Summer Days at the BEACH! yayy :)

4. Theme Parks

5. Being Creative and making a mess.

6. Catching up on movies I have missed.

7. PR-ing for clients ;)

8. Hanging out with people I miss oh-so-dearly. 

9. Just having not to study Science at all is pretty much a good Holiday :)

P.S I'm going on a Cruise! However, I'm going to miss out on Brooke Fraser which sucks majorly :(


  1. gahhhh, holidaysssss. so ready for them. work, money, going out, new clothes, new shoes, new laptop.

    we have to go out one night over the holidays lovely (: not to get drunk and make fools of ourselves just to go out and have fun :)

  2. I know right?! me toooooo.

    definitely super keen on that idea. I haven't been out with jamie either. when is your last exam?

  3. neither have I. apparently he's hilarious when he's drunk. that should be our mission one day; to see him drunk and hilarious. xD
    my last exam is next Thursday but I have no money at all. When is yours?

  4. those photos are amazing lovely! :D
    i swear, everything you create is wonderful x

  5. aww thanks love.
    you can see the date stamps :P kinda tacky.
    looking forward to our photoshoot!

  6. Just saying thay one of those pictures was mine :P but that's ok :)