Saturday, November 20, 2010


I have quite a fair bit to write, that I don't know where to start! Backtracking a little..

Wednesday: Went to the city to drop off my Campbell Biology textbook (lets us all rejoice that I will never have to do that subject, ever again!). Met up with Divya to go shopping. I didn't actually know a lot her (besides that she is way way more asian than I am) til Wed. She told me about her extended "family", which was thoroughly fascinating for me, maybe because I'm an only child and I've always wanted siblings. It also reminded me or my own extended family.

Thursday: Wafia picked me up, ridiculously early for some reason :P Gave her my rushed, edited photos. Went to Stones Corner to pick up our pageant tickets. The boutiques there are ahmazing. Cute dresses to die for! She shouted me lunch :) went shopping for a bit. Then I worked and was taught how to open AND close. Not only are Christmas Casuals not allowed to open and close, they are also not allowed to be left alone. which I was :P

Playing around with edits. However I don't quite like this.

For some reason blogger isn't letting me upload anymore :( This was a event called "Chicks in Pink" and it was to raise up funds and awareness for cancer. A deadly disease that hits home for W and I.

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  1. These are beautiful pictures. Plus it was such a great cause to raise money for.

    I adore those sequined heels. Very very pretty!