Monday, November 22, 2010


So a week ago I posted  a Tumblr post about Nirrimi. Nirrimi is a 17 year old Brisbanite, and my favourite photographer ever. I've been following her work for years! A week ago I was half watching the news, half doing laundry when the Diesal shoot Nirrimi has been working on came on. I squeeeleed and squeeled. After realising the segment wasn't about how talented she was (in fact they didn't mention her name at all!), but it was about how the Law School thought the photos were a disgrace I decided to do a lil more research. This is what I concluded.

This is all a publicity stunt.

Come on! really?! Brooklyn Law School MUST have known what Diesal photoshoots are like? They're no worse than girls in a James Bond flick. But that's not even the point!! Its NOT about the photos! (obviously the photos are amazing) But Brooklyn Law School got paid, therefore they must accept the consequences? no? If not do a lil research and don't rent it out? Plus they're getting free publicity anyways. While Nirrimi is not mentioned at all. I say good on her.

On the other hand, went to a Marleise's (Shaun's lil sister) baptism yesterday. Saw everyone. and I mean everyone! So proud of Marleise and her decision for Christ. Went bowling tonight with Mitz, Byron, James, Keats, and Robert. Working tomorrow. Now it's time for bed!

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