Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I have successfully finished my first university year. I had my Physics exam this morning and then it was all over!
Kinda didn't feel like I was done until I (just) received this text saying
"Congratulations, Jewel, you're now no longer a first year or a newby! I'm proud of you"

and it's those few last words "I'm proud of you" that made me smile :)
I'm glad someone is. Those words haven't been out of my parent's mouths yet. But I'm okay with it.
I can sincerely say my course is a tough course and I'm happy I'm done with it.
I hope when you finish whatever course or year you're in you'd be proud of yourself. Because everyone deserves to feel that way.

This year has been a massive one for me, not to mention tough. It has been a giant rollercoster. At times I've felt I was going to fall off it, other times I got lollies thrown at me. I met an amazing bunch of people, lost a few, regain old best friends, and found W (who means the world to me). Overall it hasn't been too bad :)

Keen to go to the Valentino Gallery. the BEACH!. Theme Parks. and dinner with Andrew Kimpton at Max Brenner :)

hey readers. guess what?

I'm super proud of you :)


  1. your blog tittle attracted me and i think its creative :)
    Congratulation on finishing first year and with every rights, being proud of yourself is a must!
    I'm sure your parents are very proud but they like to be modest hence wont say it out. This is such a feel good blog it really did enlighten my mood :D

  2. awww thank you!
    that means a lot to me :) I love your fashion sense btw! it's so me :P
    I'm glad it did. It was mainly for photos, but I started using it as an online diary..woops.