Saturday, November 6, 2010


Today has been an amazing day :D
It doesn't feel like a Saturday at all. But it is!
Started of by having my Human Anatomy exam at 8.30 am, which I think I did pretty well in.
my mobile went off twice :( while it was TURNED off. the alarm kept going off, and the supervisor lady got cranky at me. sooo embarrassing! ugh. I need to get my phone checked because I've hung up on everyone who called me today, not on purpose.
and because the Finders Keepers markets were on, and the bestfriend and I were already in the city. The rents picked us up and we went :) It the first time for both of us, because the last few times I've just had exams or something on.

sooo many lovely things. I think I could easily used up all my money in an hour (thank goodness W was with me). However I restraint, and ended up buying a cute wallet. check the designer out here. W bought high waisted flowy shorts and coral coloured button earrings! I kinda wish I brought my camera along. It was in the car, however I wanted to shop without worrying about pictures or anything. Next time tho :) We saw vintage typewriters, and old piano stripped, tissue pom poms and more. The whole place was bursting with creativity.

fell in love with the lining.

I wanted to spend $100 alone on brooches! I saw an adorable Polaroid one. next time! Keen for holidays so  I can try out ideas.

Dropped the bestfriend home, then mum decided we should go to Ikea. So off we went, it was PACKED! Couldn't find a parking spot. Waited for an hour for food. Ikea's so in now :P haha. My whole room is from Ikea. side note: Ikea = 500 days of Summer. Love Ikea.

Ikea curtains.

So today was a pretty fantastic day (minus the phone incident) with the fam and bestfriend.
Two more exams to go!

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