Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wet and Wild.

I spent my Monday with people I absolutely adore. It was a much needed hangout and a good distraction.

I found out on Saturday I failed my Chem exam. I was absolutely devastated. I was freaking out, my mind was racing. It helped that I had amazing people who were calm and reminded me it was NOT the end of the world. (it also helped that 3 other friends from QUT failed subjects, not that it was good that they failed. but it meant I wasn't alone).

On Sunday I went to church, and I felt like the sermon was aimed directly to me. I really have to learn that no matter what, God is in control of my life. He knows best, and everything leads to a bigger picture. 

I am stressed (extremely). I won't lie. and I am upset that I failed. But I need to constantly remind myself 
No regrets, Only lessons.

LtoR: Shaun, Eb, Mitz, Cameron, Byron, Rob, James.

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  1. My friend failed two subject and she has to repeat the exam during summer holiday. I dont see anything wrong with failing because you are right everything happened for a reason. I miss wet and wild!