Thursday, December 9, 2010

I would catch a grenade for you.

gaah. this is driving me insane. took me round 3 hours to resize all my photos. because they wouldn't upload.
now that I've uploaded them. They look crap because I did them too small.

These photos are about a week old. from Daddy's birthday dinner. Happy belated birthday daddyy..

Cute lil thai place in woop woop. portion was good. Pad Thai was overcooked though. The Madras was waay too sweet. But wasn't too bad. Staff was absolutely lovely!

How cute is this picture!

I climbed this bridge!

If you're wondering why my photos have a red tinge. The whole restaurant was painted red. with red lights..Cbb fixing the while balance.

My unique skirt, that has the texture of a table cloth.

Tiny spring rolls.

trippy hey :P
erm. salad mum made. don't know where this came from.

white panel floor boards.

my favourite necklace at the moment.

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