Thursday, December 2, 2010


  • I wore jeans for the first time last night in yooonks.
  • As much as I disagree with the idea of Casinos, they are actually really pretty. Guess that's how they draw people in.
  • I've decided I want kids. 3 boys, 1 girl. I babysat Ethan again. We watched Nemo, and he made fishy noises AND faces during the entire movie. I think I'd be a good parent.
  • I have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that I just cannot get rid off. I'm snapping at everyone, and I'm having nightmares.
  • When someone tells me they love me or gets too close, I push them away. Sometimes not purposely.  
  • The guys were trying to tell me last night,  that to win money (The Wheel) all you have to do is just pick a number and place your bets. Instead, logical me was convince that there was a system. I watched The Wheel (for a long time) carefully, and deduce the relationship between the wheel spinner's (or whatever) arm strength and the amount of bets placed. 
  • I like holding hands.
    we heart it.
  • Yesterday was the first day of Summer. But it rained soo heavily, Upper Foodcourt in Garden City flooded.
  • Joseph Vincent is in Adelaide. and not Brisbane :( *sniff*

My head is now empty. and I didn't even have to waste paper in my diary :)

Hillsong Brisbane is having a Christmas Spectacular.. I officially invite every single person who is reading this to come! If you don't have tickets, thats okay, you'll still be let in. Or shoot me a email.


  1. I heard that in las vegas the design for the casino make it harder to find the way out. How shifty is that? No doubt that casino is rigged in some way. I push people away when they say they love me as well. I'm afraid that i will do something wrong and ruin the love that they have. Or nothing last forever so to save myself from heartache I just don't go there in the first place.
    Hope the nightmare does not come looking for you at night anymore :)

  2. A lot of Casinos in USA also don't have clocks or windows so it's hard to tell how much time has passed. It also helps to have lots of beautiful women wandering around feeding you alcohol all day/night.
    That, and once you win one, you get hooked and don't want to leave. Or so I've heard.
    The nagging feeling is probably from stress due to parents or "friends", or lack of sleep, or all of the above. That's what it usually is for me, and I would know considering I get it pretty often. It'll pass though, just try to get more sleep and relax some more (:
    Kids are adorable. You babysit one, you want a whole collection for yourself. I've wanted my own kid for about 3 years now :S
    What kinda nightmares are you having?

  3. That's freaky. No clockes. I like my clocks.

    Nagging feeling is my failed exam. and the fact that I have to do a supplementary exam. But obviously I failed for a reason :/

    Div, you have children already :P