Friday, December 10, 2010

Get ready, set..


haha. hello my lovelies. I am currently very very bored. I'm supposed to be studying.. but I'm tired. and done with my books.

Whats up with the world? post me a comment about anything?

Got paid today :) Quite happy with myself. I did quite a few hours last week, and opened the shop, by myself. So I'm quite proud of the amount of cash I earned. (we'll just not mentioned that I set off the alarm for 5 minutes and alerted the Westfield security guards :P)

I craving a photoshoot. If all goes well , on Monday, I will be snapping some photos!

I saw this ahhmazing vintage chair, for only $50!!! but I had to rush off.. I'm planning to go back and check it out again. It looks like this but with a different fabric and a little more worn out.

pretty heyy. and it'll match my room!
I want a Leica camera. Sell the Polaroid and buy this instead? I saw my Polaroid on the Photojojo website for $280 :O

I think I've put on weight :/ I have a bunch of dresses that I bought about 3 months ago. Not worn, that I kinda can't quite fit in. Problemo? I think so. I don't exactly know what to do. Sell maybe? Ideas?
I have a vintage dress which is black, velvet and has a low back. H&M lookalike actually.
gah. scalloped edges of this dress is to die for!

I want this dress!

I'm such a retard. haha. I love cocktail rings and just fun, cute ones!
I wore the big one for formal. It's actually really intricate. click for larger view.
My camera ring (cheapie from Diva) all the guys went gah gah for. and my vintage one.

Jade green nails! They're so fun to wear! (from Rubi Shoes, about $30 cheaper than the Chanel one :P)
I love birds. It's a lot like my necklace in this post.


  1. Ring from Diva and nail polish from Sportsgirl? If so we share an excellent taste!

  2. Hello :)
    The camera ring was from Diva. It was on sale for like $3 or something ridiculous like that. The small heart one is from my mum. The one in the 3rd photo (with the camera ring) is vintage :)

    Nail polish is from Rubi Shoes.

    I love Sportsgirl's nailpolishes though!

  3. Haha totally got mine for $3 too!
    I'm going to have to check out Rubi Shoes nail polish selection now. :)