Saturday, September 18, 2010

Is 50cents enough?

Today is the first Saturday in months that I've had absolutely nothing to do. No assignments (well I do have assignments but they're not due till awhile), no quizzes, no prac reports, no studying. And it feels soooo flipping good!

I took advantage of my day off, by..wait for it... cleaning my room! It has literally been weeks since my room as been nice and neat. I've had anatomy notes allll over the floor. clothes strewn everywhere, books, folders, just everywhere! ohh the fabulous life of a science student :P
                                                                my skirts/shorts folded nicely :)

I love my florals. the last 3 skirts on the top shelf, I've worn bout.. 3 times? I have a bad habit of buying items that look pretty but don't actually fit me. I should really sell them or something.

Megan came over with her lovely new SLR. to just catch up, and take photos, since we hadn't seen each other in about 3 months or so? We went up to Mount Gravatt Lookout to take some piccies. It was extremely cold. Still waiting for Spring weather. Shall upload the pictures from today, tomorrow? or maybe later..

today was a great day :) thank you Miss Megan, for sharing it with me!


OH! new discovery! the newsagent down the road has hired a new, very cute guy. and because I was kinda staring.. I tipped him 50cents :P guess who's buying the newspaper more often :P

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