Monday, September 27, 2010


10.18pm Brisbane Time. Blogger tends to muck up the time :S no idea why.
I have cried bucket loads today due to parents. I hate crying. I feel like I'm wasting tears. I don't even cry over guys.. (actually thats not true, but it's not this bad)
I don't drink, don't club, don't go out and I'm told I'm a failure etc etc.
Seriously I have the most amazing friends. I remember a teacher telling me that Uni isn't really the place to make friends. That's all crap... The ones that have my back, I've known for 6 months.
I've known Divya for a month? and she listened patiently to my rants.
Jordan is amazing. He's pretty much my best friend.
Britt - gosh i love Britt. possibly the most outrageous, insanely hot person I have ever met. and she still keeps me grounded.
Dennis and Anita - my asian non siblings siblings, who know everything that i'm going through.
and I miss Wafia :(
this blog is so messy and random. just like my head is :S anywayss.. pretty pictures cheer me up :)

I don't drink soft drink, but I drink Ginger Beer. LOL at neals legs.

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