Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mirror Mirror Model Agency Launch

This whole week has been suuuch a busy week for me. I'm in need of serious serious sleep.
Wednesday - I had uni from 8am - 4 (which means my day started at 6.30). I then rushed home to get ready for the launch.

I had a fabulous time at the Mirror Mirror Model Agency Launch. Tin Nguyen truly is an inspiration. JUST turned 19 and he has an agency? AND he's asian! <<< (i'm constantly complaining about how my asian parents just don't get the creative industry). oh and i wore heels from 5.30 till bout 12am!! yayy for me not dying, since I'm a flats and thongs girl. I thought I would be overdressed, but everyone was in gorgeous gowns The guys had indie, hippy wear. To top it all off, it was a full moon. :)

For some reason I can't edit my photos on any of my programs except on Windows :S whenever I open them up they shut down on me. so i've done very basic edits. ( i also look very red in the pictures, not sure why since I gave my champagne to Britt, and my Vs (the drink) to Jord)

photos not in order

totes didn't realise Jord was that tall :S
Just a lil dip in my confidence. all skin, tan, and no cellulite at all!

so gorgeous!

got to catch up with rachel. she gave me a lot of useful tips on getting started with my photography and such :)

they're both so flipping good looking. photoshoot guys? :D (awwww @ jord's dimples :P)

I tend to hunch :S not a good habit.

she was my favourite model. lovely features.

soo skinny! I turned to Jordan and Britt to tell them I wish I was that size, and they simultaneously went "shes waaay too skinny"

The last few pieces were floor length gowns. absolutely breathtaking 

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