Monday, September 20, 2010

Kids these days..

so being an only child really isn't always that bad..but only because I have non biological siblings that mean the world to me and pretty much are flesh and blood to me.
I try to be act older and responsible to the younger ones, but really it ends up the other way around.
Just the other night I was complaining to a younger (mind you, he's taller than me and had his first drink before I did)  "brother" that he was growing up waaay too fast for my liking. But then I realised, he's gotta grow up sooner or later..and right now instead of being my lil bro.. he's just a brother who I can talk to, rant, and bitch about things.

all those with siblings who wish they were an only child? don't. Having a sister or brother is a privilege. Try getting along with them, because they just might be the very best friend you have.

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