Friday, January 21, 2011

Vintage Bags!

My mummy dearest is the best! She bestowed upon me today, three of the cutest lil bags ever! They're more than 20 years old but she has kept them in such good condition. I'm just loving them. Funny how this style is back "in" at the moment.

All beautifully handcrafted.
guess the skin...


  1. Oh my! So super cute! Funny enough I inherited three vintage bags from my mum recently too, although I must admit I think yours are a bit more 'in' compared to mine seeing as mine are over 50 years old and looking a tad tired lol.
    N. xx
    P.s Would it be a bit too creepy for me to admit I've kind of missed you and your blog while I've been busy with my assignments? ^_^ I just love how you can capture such beauty in pretty much anything and share it with all of us bloggers.

  2. oooo really? upload them on blogger! Vintage bags always have a value, sentimental or cash :) or if you find a cheap place, get them restored!
    my mum has good taste :P she has a bag from 30 years ago, which I use allllll the time. It's quilted, and they're selling everywhere now!

    also, how did your trip go? :) are you south african by any chance?

    awww you're such a sweetheart. It's not at all creepy! It's very flattering, and I'm touched! but I've been a lil slack.

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend.