Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 7: 7 wants

(not in order)

1. Finish my degree successfully in one piece and get a job.

2. To actually be motivated and focus enough to finish it!

3. My P's! I'm getting soo lazy.. and everyone drives me around! Plus mum can't handle driving with me.

4. This is going to sound silly to some people, but I honestly want there to be no more fireworks in Australia, and for the money to go to the flood devastation clean-up instead. I am a massive greenie, and have never understood why the government spends millions of dollars on something that pollutes the air for 30mins of prettiness..

5. To trust in the Big Guy upstairs more, I'm such a control freak. I need to keep reminding myself I'm a Princess of God.

6. To traaaveeeeellllllllllll. Told you I had a series case of the travel bug.

7. To settle down with someone. Preferably someone who can make profiteroles for me. So far that's kinda working out ;)

I don't know if you can read that. but my status reads "guys who can cook = amazing". In 10mins I got 15 likes. haha

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