Friday, September 2, 2011

Boyce Avenue & Mark Wilkinson.

So last Sunday night was probably the best night I've had in a while!

I went to see Boyce Avenue live with Nikky, Janet, Louis, Michael & Danny, at The HI FI. I had been counting down for weeks and weeks! Danny had bought my ticket just as I left for Europe, and I'd been listening to them none stop.

I honestly enjoyed the whole night, mainly because it was such good company as well. We had dinner at Little Malaya, where we talked about silly stuff and got to know each other better. Then we headed off to the venue, where we were so so shocked when we saw the que! To think all their success has come from Youtube, proves that Youtube is the new MTV.

They lived up to ALL my expectations. Word can't even express how truly talented and precious Alejandro's voice is. They sounded exactly exactly the same, as they do on Youtube/records, which is so so rare in today's music industry. You could really really tell that they loved what they did. At times, we'd catch the brother's blushing due to all the screaming. What made it even better was the opening act, Mark Wilkinson who is a Sydney artist. His style is a mix of Jack Johnson and John Mayer, cept his voice is oh so pure. The kind of voice, I fell in love with instantly.

You guys should all check them out, if you haven't heard of them!

Perfect position where we're at. He positioned his piano facing us and kept looking straight at us!
Nikki, and the super cute Mark!

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