Sunday, July 31, 2011

twinkle little star?

My expression when I saw these? "oh. my. goodness" My fashion style is all over the place, i don't have a particular style I stick too.. I do however edge away from daring/out there trends, and stick to my own conservative style :P
However, these Jefferey Campbells are too dieeee for!
I might try and make some? :P with flats maybe? think I can pull it off? (I can't quite justify paying $200 for something that isn't Calvin Klein or something of that status)


I spent my gorgeous Winter Saturday with people I love most.
It was the best day I had in a while, with a good morning at Youth Rally and the afternoon chilling at Broadwater Park having hot chips and good music. I got to catch up with people (specially miss nikky hughes!) I hadn't seen in months and months.. and it was just a good day in general :)

oo everyone should also check out Endless Praise who performed live. They are.. breath taking. and I am a harsh critic. They sound unreal accapella.. which says a lot in this day of age.

so cute!
best friend.
iPad, guitar, 3 talented people..
big brother who never fails to make me smile! 

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  1. I am now obsessed with those shoes, it is a daring look but I'd be tempted to try it! Amazing blog- am following and it'd be great if you could look at mine some time! :) Aly xx